B&B Chlorine Pellets

B&B’s highly concentrated dry chlorine pellets come in a variety of easy-to-handle and easy-to-store 5 & 10lb containers. Chlorine pellets are 73% available chlorine and have a guaranteed shelf life of one year. The pellets are EPA registered for the treatment of drinkable water supplies. B&B pellets are guaranteed to work in all dry pellet chlorinators designed for 3/8″ pellets.

Other specifics:
•Hard compaction
•3/8″ diameter – rounded ends
•Low powder residue
•Weight approximately 1 gram
•EPA Reg. No. 53026-1

An effective way to treat:
•Hydrogen Sulfide
•Iron and Manganese
•Bacterial Iron
•Nuisance Bacteria and Algae

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