Microline TFC-35

35 gallon per day – 4 stage Reverse Osmosis system.

The TFC-35 features benefits such as four stages of filtration for the ultimate in clean, fresh tasting water as well as larger tubing to provide faster water flow to the dispensing faucet.

Sediment /Carbon Pre-filter  This specialized filter protects the automatic shut off and membrane from clogging with debris and is also designed to reduce chlorine to protect the membrane.

Membrane This filter is where the “Reverse Osmosis” of the Microline R.O. happens and separates water at the molecular level. This filter isolates impurities, reducing them so water become purer with substantially reduced dissolved solids and impurities.

Activated Carbon Filter Water flows through this filter very slowly to achieve prolonged contact with specialized carbon.

Carbon Post Filter This filter reduces any remaining tastes and odors before reaching your glass. The carbon imparts the final “sweet” polish to your water.


Replacement Filters:
S1229-RS Membrane
S7028  Sediment/Carbon Pre Filter
S7025 Carbon Post Filter
JGS7206W In-line Carbon Post

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